Lisa M. Thayer, Ph.D.

As a therapist I want to help you to learn more about yourself and your ability to reach the highest potential that you deem fit for your life circumstances. I want to help you as well to better discern how to make the most out of your past without dwelling singularly in any sorrow it has caused you. But, to use this past to help you and others to value you today. Setting goals may be an important part of this effort, as will be taking single mindful steps to get there.

My Approaches to Therapy

My approach is multifaceted and eclectic. I draw from various models or paradigms to understand the relationship between individuals’ thoughts, emotions and behaviors. My work is based in attachment theory and the principles of learning through experience. I am compassionate and validating in my approach and I strive to empower others to be as well. Self-validation is one of life’s greatest human challenges. I aim to help individuals to better discern and validate their experiences whether internally or externally experienced through contact with the environment. I aim to be cooperative and to reach goals that are important to you and will help you to adapt to your circumstances in the most effective and meaningful way possible.

My Qualifications as a Psychologist

I love this work because first and foremost it gives me the opportunity to share valuable information learned and experienced throughout my life. I love the helping profession in general, but in particular being a part of a group of highly committed people who strive to engage in the most ethical and well researched practice of helping others to best that they can be.

I specialize in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Meaning Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapy approaches. My personal interests include helping people, in particular my family, to gain the most from life experiences and to use what we experience to develop better relationships with others. I enjoy science, art and culture through people, books, movies and all mediums of art.

For a free phone consultation or to set up an appointmennt, please call us at (973) 876-1274 or email  us at  I have offices in Fremont but can be available in other locations throughout the Bay Area.